About Dietitian Directory

About Dietitian Directory

Dietitian Directory is a collective of Dietitians in Southern Alberta. Together we act to increase the visibility of all Dietitians as a source of credible information for the public.  We do this together through:

  • Offering a Directory of Dietitians
  • Advertising local events put on by Dietitians
  • Blog posts on nutrition topics.

While we aim to provide evidence-based information, Dietitians Directory strongly encourages you to seek out personal advice from a Registered Dietitian or a physician. We provide ideas and strategies that may not work for everyone. Contact us to help you get started!


Who Made This Site?

Lindsey McGregor, RD administrates Dietitian Directory. She has been a Dietitian in clinical practice in Alberta for the past 10 years. She hopes this site connects clients with the right Dietitian and offers a platform for quality writing, advertising and influence by Dietitians.

Registered Dietitians

Just like physicians, nurses and pharmacists, not just anybody can call themselves a Dietitian!

All of these titles are government legislated, regulated and protected titles under the Health Professions Act.

In Alberta there are a few ways a Dietitian can refer to themselves:

  • Registered Dietitian

  • Registered Nutritionist

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Or, simply Dietitian

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Unique Qualifications

In order to use any of the above titles, one must:

  • Complete a four-year bachelor’s degree with a specialization in human nutrition

  • Pass a national registration exam

  • Complete a one-year internship with rotations in hospital, community, clinical and food service settings

  • Meet annual continuing education requirements

If you’re unsure, look for RD, RDN or Dt.P (French) behind a name.

For more information on the training and legislation of our profession visit: the College of Dietitians of Alberta and Dietitians of Canada‘s page on “Difference Between Dietitians and Nutritionists.”

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Why See a Private Practice Dietitian?

In Canada, if you are a patient with a ‘nutrition condition,’ you may be able to see a dietitian through the public health care system. Simply speak with your family doctor regarding which services may be available to you.

Private practice dietitians offer more customized and specialized services, including meal planning, and sports nutrition. With a private practice dietitian you may see or work with them on a more frequent basis.

Private practice dietitians offer preventative options for health. Why wait to see a dietitian because something is already wrong?

Services Offered

Dietitians provide a wide range of services including individual menu planning, corporate wellness presentations, nutrient analysis, and menu reviews.

Just like other professionals Dietitians specialize in specific populations to provide services to.

To learn more about services provided by Dietitians read about our featured Dietitians.


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