The Top 10 Diabetes Dietitians in Canada

Did you know, one in three Canadians is living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes? (Canadian Diabetes Association) But no worries, there is always a Diabetes Dietitian who is ready to help!

With Diabetes being a common chronic condition, there is lots of support available.  While it does take effort to manage a chronic condition, it means that you can influence the outcomes and prevent progression.

Dietitians help many people with concerns related to their blood sugar, including Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. They will guide you through your treatments and meal planning.

Check out this list below if you struggle with Diabetes or worry about Pre-Diabetes, our Diabetes Dietitians are right here for you! For more support, get in touch with one of these Dietitians through the Dietitian Directory.


On to the list of the Top 10 Diabetes Dietitians in Canada:

British Columbia:

Adrienne Ngai, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, CDE, MSc- Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, Owner of Adriennerd 

Adrienne Ngai, RD

Adrienne Ngai, RD

Working as a Diabetes Dietitian, Adrienne uses a holistic and science-based approach for sustainable, healthy weight loss to alleviate issues related to Diabetes. Also, she works closely with her clients to create a personalized plan for controlling blood sugars. Ultimately, her goal is to help her clients make healthy eating a lifestyle for Diabetes management.

Moreover, Adrienne looks at all aspects of her client’s lifestyle apart from just eating. For example, other aspects such as work, stress, sleep, habits, family are all important parts of Diabetic meal plans. To minimize complications related to Diabetes, she aims to create a healthy lifestyle with eating and mindset transformation.

To follow along with Adrienne’s holistic approach, check her out on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find her and book with her on the Dietitian Directory


Kara Marshall, RD, CDE, MSc, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant focused in Diabetes and Sports Nutrition, Owner of  Karadietitian

Kara Marshall, RD, CDE, MSc

Kara Marshall, RD, CDE, MSc

With a strong focus on Diabetes, Kara works with her clients to create a holistic plan that can properly improve their health and wellbeing. Also, she focuses on sports nutrition as well. She works closely with her clients on managing weight and controlling blood sugars as a Diabetes Dietitian.

In addition, she is motivated to help her clients achieve their goals and brings practical experience and recommendations to her appointments. This includes Diabetes management and meal plan development. Also, Kara offers group presentations, as well as online nutrition courses for clients struggling with Diabetes.

To learn more about Diabetes, and/or Sports Nutrition such as helping to fuel performance and balance blood sugars with plant-focused meals, check out her Instagram page. Also, find Kara on the Dietitian Directory

More about Kara: Sports Nutrition Dietitians in Canada – Top 10 List


Erin Nelson, BSc, RD, Owner, and Dietitian at Balance Nutrition Counselling 

Erin Nelson, RD - Morinville

Working as a Diabetes Dietitian, Erin works one-on-one with clients to aid them in making goals. She wishes to support her clients in healthy eating, chronic disease management, and making peace with food.

Moreover, she strongly believes that the participation of both the Dietitian and her clients is important. Hence, Erin always strives to meet her clients where they are at so she can walk with them.

In addition, her mission as a Diabetes Dietitian is to help provide her clients with the tools needed to listen to their own bodies while keeping Diabetes at bay. Ultimately, she proposes her two-part mission–Helping her clients to take up healthy lifestyles and empowering the future generation to withstand the diet culture.

Ultimately, she hopes to build a world where our young people aren’t vulnerable to diet culture’s messaging of inadequacy. So that everyone can live their lives to the fullest without chronic disease complications.

Learn more about Erin’s work by visiting her Facebook page and Instagram page or website. Book an appointment with Erin through the Dietitian Directory


Sally Ho, BSc, RD, CDE, Certified Craving Change Facilitator, Owner of Motivate Nutrition

Sally Ho, Dietitian

Sally helps her clients TAKE CONTROL of their health as a Diabetes Dietitian and a Craving Change Facilitator. She motivates her clients to improve their eating habits through Motivational Interviewing techniques. This type of motivational approach is crucial in managing Diabetes.

When you work with Sally, You are the CEO of Your Health, and Sally will be your support and coach in achieving your goals. Hence, she guarantees a supportive approach when helping her clients with their Diabetes treatment, meal plans and so much more.

Moreover, Sally is very client-centred and honest. She will follow up with the realistic, real-life application of her recommendations to ensure that it works. Such a supportive approach is essential in Diabetes management.

Furthermore, being a mother has taught her valuable lessons in following clinical nutrition guidelines and recommendations– “rigid adherence is not realistic.”  Hence, she truly sees the struggles with controlling Diabetes and she is there to support you along the way.

Ultimately, Sally helps her clients apply nutrition to the real world and their individual realities.

Learn more about Sally’s work by visiting her Facebook page or website. Book an appointment with Sally through the Dietitian Directory.


Dayna Zarn, RD, Owner of Dayna Zarn Nutrition Coaching


Dayna helps her clients reach their health and fitness goals without giving up their favourite foods. Very often, people believe that having Diabetes means saying goodbye to delicious foods, but Dayna says otherwise. To help minimize client’s diet suffering, she supports them by providing easy methods to implement Diabetes management.

Also, as many individuals and patients may want to seek help from a Diabetes Dietitian, she is here to guide her clients to do it safely and with carbohydrate counting and insulin dosing to ensure blood glucose control.  She wishes to empower her clients in feeling confident in what they eat, and how they feel!

Moreover, Dayna wishes to give more support to her clients on this journey. Believing that improving health doesn’t mean taking away the pleasures in life. Most importantly, she emphasizes finding the balance in daily routines and health in battling against Diabetes!

Furthermore, Dayna’s nutrition philosophy focuses on self-empowerment and positive food relationships. All these contribute to sustainable lifestyle changes, these are important in controlling Diabetes and living healthily. Also, she is passionate about cooking simple meals and loves helping her clients find enjoyable and practical meal options. She truly understands the hardships in meal planning for Diabetes, so she works closely with her clients on it.

Together with her clients, she focuses on behaviour change, prevention and management of chronic diseases, and weight loss. And most importantly, helping clients tune their eating habits, so their changes can be sustainable.  All along the journey, she is there to help!

Learn more about how adjusting macronutrients can help you lose weight and reach your health goals by reaching out to Dayna at the Dietitian Directory


Letisha Hodges, RD, Nutrition Coach & CEO of Edge Nutrition & Performance Inc

Letisha Hodges - Edge Nutrition

Letish Hodges, RD

Letisha helps busy men and women meet their goals without sacrificing their favourite foods! Ultimately, her nutrition coaching helps free up time while keeping your blood sugar levels at bay!

Specifically, her program and coaching are rooted in flexibility, simplicity, and balance. Through the coaching program, her clients can learn how to thrive even when facing comorbidities like Diabetes.

Her program adapts to YOU. As her client, you will be exposed to behavioral-based coaching to control Diabetes and manage weight. This client-based approach ensures that her clients feel comfortable in sharing with Letisha, she believes that getting to know her clients is the first step in tackling Diabetes.

Also, her superpower is to cut out all the noise, diet chatter, food rules, and body image expectations. Essentially, this superpower helps her clients sustainably reach their goals and maintain them.

Discover more about fat loss and goal setting on her Facebook page, Instagram page, and website. Book an appointment with Letisha through the Dietitian Directory!



Sana Motlekar, RD, Consulting Dietitian at Respin Nutrition focused on areas of diabetes, blood sugar, and PCOS.

Sana Motlekar, RD

Sana Motlekar, RD

Working as a Dietitian specializing in Diabetes, Sana witnesses people’s struggles with chronic diseases. To help tackle these long-term diseases like Diabetes, Sana specializes in weight management and hormones to address the root problems.

Also, she wants to make her advice light and simple to follow, as she understands the complexity of following a TONS of advice.  She takes into account your emotional and mental health to give you the BEST service on tackling Diabetes.

Moreover, Sana will definitely teach you how to include your favourite foods into your healthy eating lifestyle to live your dream life.

Learn more about Sana and her work by checking out her Instagram page or find her on the Dietitian Directory!


Veronica Rouse, MAN, RD, CDE, Dietitian specializing in Heart Health and owner of The Heart Dietitian


Veronica believes that individuals have control over their chronic diseases like Diabetes by eating well.  So, Veronica provides individuals with straightforward information, she wants to increase their confidence and to improve their health as well.  To do so, she preaches the idea of healthy living on social media, she wishes to reach people who are struggling with Diabetes in the virtual world.

Also, she understands how overwhelming things can be, so she breaks them down into simple tips and share them with her clients. Together, Veronica and her clients set realistic goals for battling Diabetes. It is important to know that she is there to support you through the journey.

Moreover, Veronica has developed a step-by-step framework to help her clients. Ultimately, she strives to help her clients in living the life that they want, being free from the complications of Diabetes.

To learn more about Veronica, make sure to check out her Facebook page, or her Instagram page for some easy-to-read and informative posts! You can also find her listing on the Dietitian Directory



Norma Ishayek, Professional Dietitian/Nutritionist OPDQ member, Norma Ishayek private dietitian/nutritionist


Working as an esteemed Dietitian, Norma has 40 years of experience in the field with many areas of focus. For example, she concentrates on cardiovascular, Intuitive Eating, and Digestive Health. Besides these specific focuses, she also works with her clients on fighting Diabetes and adopting healthy lifestyles.

Moreover, she firmly believes in educating and empowering her clients to take control. She will not hesitate is proclaiming herself as a strong advocate for healthy foods. Hence, she promotes the importance of healthy eating in managing Diabetes.

Discover more about achieving your personal health goals or Diabetes management on Norma’s Facebook

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About the author: Authored by Leslie Harnett, a first-year dietetics student at the University of Alberta with plans to become a certified Registered Dietitian. This article is edited by Trinity Tang, a senior dietetics student studying at the New York University.

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