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These Intuitive Eating Dietitians work hard to spread the intuitive eating message through their blogs, Instagram, & podcasts!

Evidence shows that 95% of weight-loss diets fail and 60-70% of people actually regain the weight and more within 5 years.

As more and more people begin to understand this, the concept of intuitive eating is gaining traction. It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that diets simply do not work.


So what is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to health and eating that ditches rigid diet rules.

Instead, being an intuitive eater allows you to make eating choices by tuning into and trusting your body’s own innate signals. At the end of the day, it’s about relearning how to eat and improving your own relationship with food.

What is Intuitive Eating and Why are Dietitians so Excited About It?


That’s where Intuitive Eating Dietitians come in!

Whether it’s through a blog, Instagram account or podcast, here are a few Dietitians working compassionately to spread the intuitive eating message.

Tune in to learn more! 


Renee Little: The Ambitious RD 

As a certified intuitive eating coach, Renee is on a mission to help people develop a positive relationship with food and body.

On her blog, you will find posts about intuitive eating, food tips and advice for practicing mindfulness. She also posts video interviews that showcase different anti-diet professionals and entrepreneurs in her community.


Hannah Robinson, Ali Eberhardt: Let Us Eat Cake podcast

Hannah and Ali’s podcast, Let Us Eat Cake, focuses on breaking down diet culture and providing evidence-based nutrition information. Each episode is dedicated to answering a listener’s question about nutrition myths and hot topics. New episodes come out every Thursday.


Abbey Sharp: Abbey’s Kitchen  

Looking for meal inspiration without the side of diet culture?

Abbey’s Kitchen is a fantastic blog that offers tasty recipes and articles that dive deep into nutrition headlines and myths.

Check out her cookbook, The Mindful Glow for recipes and tips to improve your relationship with food and ditch the diet. 


Christy Harrison: Food Psych podcast 

Intuitive eating, health at every size and body liberation are just a few things covered on the Food Psych podcast.

In each episode Christy connects with a guest to learn more about their own path and experiences breaking free from diet culture. Listen in as Christy challenges nutrition myths and diet culture head on.


Vincci Tsui 

Vincci breaks down nutrition with mindfulness and intuitive eating in mind.

Head on over to Vincci’s Instagram account where she uses social media to provide insight into a variety of topics including nutrition information, social justice movements and current events.

Want even more? Check out her book, The Mindful Eating Workbook.


Julie Duffy Dillon: Love Food podcast 

The Love Food podcast is not your typical podcast. It is structured as a love letter to food where people work things out with food in order to improve their food relationship. 

Also, check out Julie’s blog where you can learn more about managing PCOS and finding peace with food. 


Cristel Moubarak: nutriFoodie 

Non-diet focused and aligned with a health at every size approach, Cristel is a self-proclaimed foodie.

On her blog, you will find recipes and motivational posts that are always centered around intuitive eating and health at every size. You can also look forward to tasty recipes and kitchen tips from Cristel.


Heather Caplan: RD Real Talk 

On her podcast, RD Real Talk, Heather speaks with other anti-diet weight inclusive practitioners. Listen in as she gets real about her experiences with disordered eating and highlights how to use a non-diet approach in different dietetic disciplines.

Check out her website for a list of intuitive eating resources that help you break down each principle of intuitive eating. 


Fiona Sutherland: The Mindful Dietitian 

Fiona’s podcast features Dietitians from around the world working to promote peace with food and body. 

The podcast aims to build a community of Dietitians and create strong consistent messaging around stepping away from diet culture and finding body confidence. A great listen for any health professional wanting to learn and grow within this space!

Check out her website for more resources.


Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch: Intuitive Eating

This list wouldn’t be complete without including the founders of intuitive eating, Evelyn and Elyse and their website,

If you are still hungry for more intuitive eating tips and tricks and want to do your own research, check out the original Intuitive Eating book.

Learn about the 10 principles of intuitive eating that will help you once and for all, to ditch the diet, make peace with food and find pleasure in eating. 


This list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dietitians who are working hard to break the stigma around weight and diet culture!


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Authors: Kenzie Urban is a Dietetic Student at the University of Alberta, Marlee Coldwell is a Registered Dietitian at Ignite Nutrition.


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