10 Delightful Local Restaurants in Edmonton

10 Local Restaurants in Edmonton

If you’re tired of making home cooked meals and would like to enjoy some delicious restaurant food and ambience but in a safe and social-distanced manner, here are some local restaurants in Edmonton to support.

Most of these restaurants offer take-out, delivery, and curb-side pick up so you can enjoy meals at home!


The Moth Cafe

Are you looking to enjoy a plant-based meal accompanied by a calm and eclectic environment? The Moth Cafe is the place to go.

This family-owned local restaurant in Edmonton was opened about 2 years ago. Moth provides delicious food and drink options like the Big Moth Burger, a vegan version of the Big Mac.

The Moth Cafe has a Kombucha menu which supports a Canadian-owned Kombucha Company (True Buch) based in Calgary. They also have a plant-based beer menu that supports Canadian made brews from Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.



In the mood for Japanese and Vietnamese food but can’t decide on what to choose?

Now you don’t have to. Volcano is a Japanese/ Vietnamese restaurant located on Gateway Boulevard that offers a variety of delicious menu items.

In addition, you can choose the pho, Vietnamese rice dishes, sushi, sashimi, vermicelli bowls, and more while you dine in this spacious and modern restaurant.



The Sugar Bowl has been a classic for years and a favourite of many university students as it is located just a few minutes away from the University of Alberta campus.

In other words, they have been operating since 1943 and have gone through many transformations over the years; first as a burger joint, then a coffee house, and now a full service bistro and neighbourhood pub.

The Sugar Bowl has a vast drink list with over 160 craft beers and 15 rotating taps and a delicious menu that also has plenty of gluten-free options.

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The Butternut Tree

Are you in the mood for a fancy dinner with a magnificent view of the Alberta Legislature? That is to say, this is the spot for you.

The Butternut Tree offers a unique menu curated by chef Scott Downey who uses local ingredients to create his interpretation of Canadian cuisine. Some menu items include the asparagus flatbread, Alberta beef wellington, and sponge cake.



Haweli offers authentic Indian flavours accompanied by peaceful ambience.

They have a diverse menu serving everything from unique appetizers like gol gappe (a crispy shell filled with spiced and flavored water, chickpeas and potatoes) and momos (steamed dumplings) to curried meats, various vegetarian dishes, many different kinds of naan, and more.

They currently have 2 locations in Edmonton in Downtown and South Common.


Spotlight Cabaret

If you’re looking for a vibrant patio with good music, Spotlight Cabaret is the perfect place. This restaurant has 2 bars, and also a live venue that showcases comedy, music, dance, drag, improv, sketch, film and theatre.

It’s Located on 104 street, making it a great place to have food and drinks on a Friday or Saturday evening to unwind. Some delicious menu items include the avocado fries, stuffed red pepper, and jalapeño mac and cheese!


Langano Skies

Langano Skies offers authentic Ethiopian food and is located on the popular Whyte Ave.

Their menu includes plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options along with different variations of marinated and curried meats which are served with injera (a sourdough flatbread made with teff flour) or rice.


El Beso

For a modern take on authentic mexican cuisine, try El Beso, a Mexican restaurant located on Jasper Ave.

They offer 7 different kinds of tacos and simple but delicious appetizers that will keep you coming back for more. They are currently offering take out and delivery so you can enjoy some delicious tacos anywhere. All you have to do is order on their website!


Workshop Eatery

Workshop Eatery has a seasonal menu and uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The ambience is welcoming as their space is warm and rustic and has an open kitchen.

Above all, their menu is unique since they use ingredients and flavours that best fit the season. Some current menu items include the sweet potato gnocchi, artichoke dip risotto, and flourless chocolate cake!

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Avila Arepa

Located on Whyte Ave is Avila Arepa, a local restaurant in Edmonton that serves urban Venezuelan cuisine. Avila Arepa have added their own spin on the popular arepas (a corn based bun filled with various toppings such as meat, veggies, cheese, etc.).

In addition, this local restaurant also offers vegan meat as a substitute for beef so there’s plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.

They have a signature menu for arepas for unique flavour combinations and a classic menu for arepas that have more of the traditional flavours.


I hope you found this list of local restaurants in Edmonton helpful!


Author: Gurveen Jaggi Dietitian Student, article reviewed by Selene Yan Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor at Embodied RD

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Top 10 Local Restaurants to Support in Edmonton!