The Best Weight Loss Dietitians in Canada

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet with a Dietitian for weight concerns?

Cue the scary music,

In reality, meeting with a weight loss Dietitian feels way better than you imagined. In fact, your first meeting with a Dietitian will probably FEEL GOOD.

Our Dietitians will do their best to support their clients while silencing the noise of misinformation and body shaming. Dietitians will help their clients meet their goals using the latest scientific research.

Many clients leave their Dietitian’s office feeling more comfortable about their body, and certainly with more clarity about dietary and lifestyle choices they can control. You will surely feel the same positivity and energy too!

Most importantly our Dietitians love good food, and the connection and joy it brings. With no further ado, here is our list of the Best Weight Loss Dietitians in Canada.

On to The Best Weight Loss Dietitians in Canada:

British Columbia:

Adrienne Ngai, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, CDE, MSc- Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, Owner of Adriennerd 


Adrienne uses a holistic and science-based approach for sustainable, healthy weight loss. Also, she works closely together with her clients to make a personalized plan. Ultimately, as a weight loss Dietitian, her aim is to assist her clients to make healthy eating a way of life for weight loss and maintaining weight.

Moreover, Adrienne looks at all aspects of the client’s lifestyle apart from just eating. For example, other aspects such as work, stress, sleep, habits, family are all important parts. She believes that all these factors are influencing the weight loss process, so she intends to access it all with her clients together. She aims to create a healthy lifestyle with eating and mindset transformation.

To follow along with Adrienne’s holistic approach, check her out on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find her and book with her on the Dietitian Directory



Kristyn Hall, MSc, RD, CBE, Chief Energizing Officer at Energize Nutrition

Kristyn Hall, MSc, RD, CBE

Kristyn Hall, MSc, RD, CBE

Working as a weight loss Dietitian, Kristyn helps people in midlife to eat better and feel better. She understands the pressure on clients regarding weight loss. Hence, she provides a shame-free space to talk about her clients’ food and nutrition struggles. In addition, she offers nutrition coaching and cooking classes.

Uniquely, she creates positive connections with clients, she wants them to feel safe in exploring their food and nutrition struggles. As a weight loss Dietitian, Kristyn blends together Medical Nutrition Therapy with health coaching to help clients have a different experience with her.

Be sure to check out Kristyn’s Instagram for some appetizing recipes and inspiring captions, and head on over to the  Dietitian Directory to book with her and learn more about her and the Energize Nutrition team!


Dayna Zarn, RD, Owner of Dayna Zarn Nutrition Coaching

Dayna Zarn, RD

Dayna Zarn, RD

Working as a nutrition coach, Dayna helps her clients reach their health, physique, and fitness goals without giving up their favourite foods. As a weight loss Dietitian, her goal is to reduce the amount of “diet suffering” while losing weight with healthy diet approaches. As many individuals and patients may want to lose weight for a variety of reasons, she is here to help them achieve their weight loss goals safely and correctly.

Also, she wishes to empower her clients in feeling confident in what they eat, and how they feel! Moreover, she believes that improving health doesn’t mean taking away the pleasures in life. Most importantly, she emphasizes finding the balance in daily routines and health!

Moreover, her nutrition philosophy focuses on self-empowerment, positive food relationships and mindful eating. All these contribute to sustainable lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, healthy eating and so much more. Also, she is passionate about cooking and she loves helping her clients with fun meal preparation ideas.

Together with her clients, she will focus on behaviour change, prevention and management of chronic diseases, weight loss, and more importantly, tuning their eating habits. Be it keto and low carb diets or therapeutic diets, she is there to help!

Andrea Holwegner, RD, CEO and Founder of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Andrea Holwegner, RD

Andrea Holwegner, RD

Andrea’s mission is to empower people to create a healthy relationship with food and their body. Essentially, this means getting enough nutrition and being healthy while achieving the client’s goals. Be it losing weight or switching diets, Andrea is here with you.

Also, as a weight loss Dietitian, she is keen on promoting healthy eating, this means the clients should save room for tasty foods and social fun! (Nachos and desserts are on their way!). Moreover, Andrea started her professional nutrition consulting practice in 2000. Since then, she and her team focus their services and resources based on practical science.

Furthermore, Andrea and her team empower people to live healthFULLY + soulFULLY. They will help you stop stressing about food and your body. Also, they make healthy eating simple, fun and effective for your weight loss goals. Specifically, they focus on improving health and your weight. Ultimately, their goal is to ensure you love food and love your body.

Andrea offers individual nutrition counselling and she specializes in professional speaking, media/nutrition communications, consulting and online course facilitation.

If you’re interested to find out more, you can find her and her team through their Facebook, Instagram, and over on the Dietitians  Directory


Serena Benali, BSc, RD, Owner of In Good Nutrition

Serena Benali, RD

Serena works with clients to transform their relationship with food while working towards their weight loss goal. She uses the framework of the three A’s to embrace the complexity of behaviour change–Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

Being a weight loss Dietitian, Serena knows the challenges of weight loss and she understands the obstacles of embodying your best self. For the majority of her life, Serena struggles with her weight and fad diets, luckily, Serena stopped the diet cycle and lost 100 pounds. Hence, her personal experiences gave her the drive to become a weight loss Dietitian.

By shifting her mentality and developing a new mindset, Serena learns the skills to nourish her body and mind all while getting to a healthy weight.

Learn more about Serena’s work by visiting her Facebook page, Instagram page or her website. Book an appointment with Serena through the Dietitian Directory

Chelsey Love, RD, Owner of Chelsey Love Nutrition


Chelsey is passionate about helping her clients reach their healthy and happy weight range. Being a Dietitian providing weight loss treatments, she helps her clients feel fantastic without giving up favourite foods. Also, she works on simplifying nutrition and empowering her clients to make lasting habit changes.

As a busy mom of two, Chelsey truly understands the challenges of putting YOURSELF on the priority list. She understands the struggles for body positivity and weight loss goals. But don’t you worry, she is realistic, empathetic, and is right there along with you!

More importantly, she aims for progress – not perfection.

To follow along with Chelsey’s life, reject diet culture, and overall bring some positivity to your feed, check her out on facebook or instagram. You can also find her on the Dietitian Directory


Sally Ho, BSc, RD, CDE, Certified Craving Change Facilitator, Owner of Motivate Nutrition

Sally Ho, Dietitian

Sally helps her clients TAKE CONTROL of their health as a weight loss Dietitian and a Craving Change Facilitator. She motivates her clients to improve their eating habits through Motivational Interview techniques. Such a motivational approach aligns with the aim of her company Motivate Nutrition.

When you work with Sally, You are the CEO of Your Health, and Sally will be your support and coach in achieving your goals. Hence, she guarantees a supportive treatment style when helping her clients with their weight loss goals and many more.

Moreover, Sally is very client-centred and honest. She will follow up with the realistic, real-life application of her recommendations to ensure that it works.

Furthermore, being a mother has taught her valuable lessons in following clinical nutrition guidelines and recommendations– “rigid adherence is not realistic.”  Hence, she truly sees the struggles with weight reduction and she is there to support you along the way.

Ultimately, Sally helps her clients apply nutrition to the real world and their individual realities.

Learn more about Sally’s work by visiting her Facebook page or website. Book an appointment with Sally through the Dietitian Directory.


Shée Lillejord ,RD, Virtual Registered Dietitian, Owner of SheelillejoRD


Shée is a Virtual Registered Dietitian specializing in many areas including weight loss and allergies. When working online, this allows for flexibility and comfort when making appointments. As the mother of three, she truly understands the struggles of parents finding time to meet. Hence, she is there to provide her clients with nutritional advice and weight loss tips to help them thrive in busy times. Moreover, she wishes to use her professional knowledge to help people with the same problems.

For the past 12 years, Shée has been providing nutrition counselling and education on topics related to weight loss and so much more. Also, she provides nutrition programs to all ages on living your best life. Moreover, her goal is to empower you or your loved ones to make healthy lifestyle choices through realistic changes. Shée will help simplify food for you and help you learn how to enjoy food again! It is true, a Dietitian will recommend enjoyable foods that also promote weight loss. Most importantly, Shée will never tell you not to eat your favourite foods–but rather teach you how to enjoy them in a healthy way!

Learn more about Shée’s work by visiting her Facebook page and Instagram page. Also, find her listing and book with her on the Dietitian Directory.


Letisha Hodges, RD, Nutrition Coach & CEO of Edge Nutrition & Performance Inc. 

Letisha Hodges

Letisha Hodges, RD

Hodges offers weight loss treatments and advice to help busy men and women crush fat loss goals without sacrificing their favourite foods! Ultimately, her nutrition coaching helps free up brain space for your family, career, and passions so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Specifically, her program and coaching are rooted in flexibility, simplicity, and balance. These attributes are essential when losing weight. Through the coaching program, her clients can learn how to achieve weight loss goals and recover from nutritional problems.

Her program adapts to YOU. As her client, you might be exposed to behavioural-based coaching, Intuitive Eating, or macro-based coaching to reach your goals.

Also, her superpower is to cut out all the noise, diet chatter, food rules, and body image expectations. Essentially, this superpower helps her clients sustainably reach their weight loss goals and maintain them.

Discover more about fat loss and goal setting on her Facebook page, Instagram page, and website. Book an appointment with Letisha through the Dietitian Directory!



Courtney Berg, RD, Dietitian and owner of Vitality Nutrition, specializing in healthy eating.

Courtney Berg, RD

Courtney Berg, RD

Working as an experienced Dietitian offering weight loss advice, Courtney helps women reach their health and fitness goals. Specializing in healthy eating, she believes in living a healthy life without giving up on your favourite foods. To do so, she emphasizes customized nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle coaching to help her clients attain their goals.

More importantly, she offers comprehensive coaching memberships and a specific interest in mindset support to create lasting change. After all, maintaining weight after reaching your weight loss goals is key to starting a healthy journey of life.

Learn more about Courtney’s practice or other easy and healthy recipes by visiting her Facebook page and Instagram page even if you are not in Saskatchewan. Also, find Courtney’s listing on the Dietitian Directory!


James Bayne, RD, CSEP-CPT Owner of ELEVATE Nutrition + Wellness

James Bayne, RD, CSEP-CPT

James Bayne, RD, CSEP-CPT

Working as a sports nutrition Dietitian, James also provides weight-loss treatment by combining exercise and diet. Also, James strives to enhance the quality of life of his client by supporting them through the journey of health. Moreover, he empowers the creation of healthy food relationships and he encourages physical activity as part of their daily routine.

What’s more, the work James does is unique. He is the first Registered Dietitian and CSEP-CPT  in Saskatchewan to offer individualized nutrition counselling and structured exercise programming. This uniqueness of his work allows him to offer profound insight into helping his clients with weight reduction.

To learn more about James check him out on the Dietitian Directory.


Katie Kroeker, RD, Owner of The Rural Dietitian

Katie Kroeker, RD

Kroeker helps women accept their bodies, feel comfortable and confident around food. As she is a weight loss Dietitian, she believes that the attainment of goals only begins with body positivity. Also, she wishes to help her clients with properly feeding their families. Moreover, she believes in weight-inclusive and compassionate care that gives acceptance and dignity to all on their weight loss journey.

The primary focus of Katie is helping women with body image as well as meal planning, as these are crucial in weight reduction and healthy living. Also, she tries to incorporate the idea of body positivity and acceptance in her sessions, she wishes to empower her clients to live healthy lives sustainably.

Check out Katie’s Instagram for some eye-catching posts on all things food and Dietitian facts. To learn even more about her check Katie out on the Dietitian Directory.


Tamara Sarkisian, Registered Dietitian, Owner of Fruitful Kitchen specializing in healthy eating.

Tamara Sarkisian, RD

Located in Manitoba, Tamara is an expert in the kitchen and she always loves a challenge. She helps her clients to improve their relationship with food to kick start their pursuit of weight loss goals. For instance, she guides them towards setting realistic goals that make them feel good. More importantly, she enjoys creating easy and delicious recipes, as she believes that enjoying food is a huge part of weight loss. Hence, she loves to share recipes with her clients to make meal planning stress-free.

Tamara can help her clients on the spot, especially when they run out of ideas for recipes and meal planning. Even when facing many dietary restrictions, she is here to help create the best recipe for her customers.

Check out Tamara’s delicious healthy recipes which are found on her Facebook page and Instagram page!



Sana Motlekar, RD, Consulting Dietitian at Respin Nutrition who works in the areas of diabetes, blood sugar, and PCOS.

Sana Motlekar, RD

Sana Motlekar, RD

Working as an experienced Dietitian, Sana witnesses people’s struggles with chronic diseases. To help tackle these long-term diseases, Sana specializes in weight management and hormones to address the root of the problem. To do so, she helps clients with weight loss and healthy eating. Also, she wants to make weight loss advice a simple thing to follow. Hence, her holistic approach takes into account your emotional and mental health.

She is well versed in various cultural foods (South Asian, Persian, Middle Eastern etc) as a weight-loss Dietitian, this means she will help you with losing weight while enjoying foods. Sana will definitely teach you how to include your favourite foods into your healthy eating lifestyle to live healthily.

Learn more about Sana and her work by checking out her Instagram page or find her on the Dietitian Directory!



Amélie Sabourin Dt.P., Nutritionniste-Diététiste, Owener of


Sabourin is a certified FODMAP Dietitian that also provides weight loss treatments and support. Unquestionably, she will transform the way you eat to expand your wellbeing. How? By using plates’ composition, choosing the right foods, and building mindfulness and managing stress. That’s right, weight loss does include enjoying delicious foods!

Certainly, Amélie will guide you towards your goals with a non-judgmental approach. With a combination of expertise in various areas like digestive health, weight management, eating disorders. She is here to help you attain your goals step by step through the journey!

Discover more about achieving your personal health goals on

Hopefully, this list can be a starting point. To learn more about Dietitians in your area, and preferred practice areas please check out the Dietitian Directory


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