The Best Dietitians in British Columbia

There is so much more than just Vancouver, mountains, and rainforest here in British Columbia. British Columbia is home to many exceptional Dietitians.

British Columbia Dietitians are supportive and knowledgeable health professionals that help you find the connection between food and your overall well-being and who will help you discover the joy of everyday eating.

If you are needing a Registered Dietitian in British Columbia who can help you reach your goals, look no further! We’ve sourced the Best Dietitians in British Columba for you. Check out one of these ten to see if they are a fit for you!


On to the Best Dietitians in British Columbia: 


Marilee Pumple, BSc, RD, Dietitian at Victoria Eating Disorder Program and Owner of Marilee Dietitian

Marilee Pumple, BSc, RD

Marilee Pumple, BSc, RD

As a Dietitian in British Columbia, Marilee supports clients to make peace with food and their body. To do so, she works with her clients to normalize all foods. She sees the importance of rejecting the diet culture and challenging food rules to reduce stress around eating. As she sees British Columbians are struggling with healthy food relationships, she wishes to help them as a Dietitian who is serving the population here. Hence, she provides nutrition counselling and education to support a healthy relationship with food, and she works with clients with eating disorders as well. Moreover, she works in collaboration with mental health and eating disorder services to provide evidence-based care to clients in need.

Marilee is empathetic and warm, this allows her to call out an eating disorder and support her clients to elicit change. She’s passionate about providing nutrition education without food rules. Moreover, she inspires her clients to recognize and challenge their eating disorders or diet culture when it shows up. Ultimately, her goal is to promote the normalization of all foods and bodies through a down-to-earth approach.

Check out Marilee’s Instagram for satisfying food photos and delicious recipes, and read more about her and her practice on the Dietitian Directory, you can also make an appointment with her on it.


Vancouver :

Adrienne Ngai, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, CDE, MSc- Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, Owner of Adriennerd 

Adrienne Ngai, RD

Adrienne Ngai, RD

Situated in Vancouver, Adrienne has been an experienced Dietitian in British Columbia who is known for her practice in Healthy eating. Influenced by the mix of different cultures in British Columbia, Adrienne wishes to help her clients to overcome cultural barriers and pursue the healthy life that they deserve. She uses a holistic and science-based approach for sustainable, healthy weight loss. Also, she works closely with her clients to create a personalized plan. Ultimately, her goal is to help her clients make healthy eating a lifestyle for weight loss and maintaining weight.

Moreover, as a culturally competent Dietitian in British Columbia, Adrienne looks at all aspects of the client’s lifestyle apart from just eating. For example, other aspects such as work, stress, sleep, habits, family are all important parts. She aims to create a healthy lifestyle with eating and mindset transformation.

To follow along with Adrienne’s holistic approach, check her out on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find her and book with her on the Dietitian Directory


Alexandra Inman, BSc, RD, Owner of Vancouver Dietitians 

Alexandra Inman, RD

Alexandra Inman, RD

As the owner of the Vancouver Dietitians, Alexandra has surely done excellent work promoting wellness as a successful Dietitian in British Columbia. Alexandra is working as a weight-inclusive practitioner. Also, she believes in focusing on health gain rather than weight loss. More importantly, she wants her clients to know that health and wellness are worthwhile goals no matter their body shapes or sizes. Also, she takes great pride in helping her clients ditch dieting. And she encourages the clients to build a positive relationship with food and exercise.

Alexandra vibes with the welcoming attitude in British Columbia and it extends to her practice. She is undoubtedly a friendly British Columbia Dietitian who has a passion for helping people reach their health and wellness goals. Through evidence-based nutrition counselling and education, she works closely with her clients. She pursues lifelong learning as staying on top of the latest research is crucial to help serve her clients better.

For more content about health gain and not weight loss, make sure to keep up with the Vancouver Dietitians on Instagram for delicious and beautiful looking eats and learn more about their philosophy and book with her on the Dietitian Directory or Facebook.

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Alexandra Johal, RD, CNSC, Dietitian, owner of Building Bites Pediatric Nutrition Consulting

Alexandra Johal, RD, CNSC

Alexandra Johal, RD, CNSC

Working as a Pediatric Dietitian in British Columbia, Alexandra is experienced in working with children and families. Specifically, her training in Sequential Sensory Approach to Feeding allows her to better support children who are just learning to eat. Also, she works with children who have sensory processing disorders and the ones who are delayed in developing oral motor skills

She truly understands the struggles of parents as they are busy with work in British Columbia. Hence, Alexandra’s goal is to help the parents to properly feed their children while overcoming the difficulties on the way. She aims at moving each child to optimal health and nutrition. Whether your child’s issue is sensory, behaviour, or mechanical, she has the solution for you.

Also, her company, Building Bites,  supports children to develop a positive relationship with food while meeting all their nutrition needs.

To learn more about healthy eating oriented for children, check out Alexandra’s Facebook page and Instagram page for fun healthy recipes!


Cristel Moubarak, RD, Owner of NutriFoodie. Specializing in Emotional Eating and Intuitive Eating

Cristel Moubarak, RD

Cristel Moubarak, RD

Working as an Intuitive Eating Dietitian in British Columbia, Cristel is passionate about helping women give up chronic dieting and weight cycling. As she sees the pressure of body image that women are under, she wishes for her clients to cultivate a positive relationship with food.

Moreover, she guarantees a non-judgmental, compassionate, and supportive environment for her clients. Her personal experiences with disordered eating help with her work on coaching. Essentially, her goal is to make sure that no one will need to live in guilt and shame when enjoying food. Ultimately, her goal as a Dietitian in British Columbia is to eliminate any more hiding and shame of eating.

By emphasizing that weight doesn’t determine your worthiness Cristel helps her clients to say no to the scale. Together, she stands with her clients against diet culture. In the end, she hopes her clients can be strong in honouring their bodies.

Also, she provides guidance to people outside of British Columbia, she offers support through virtual groups to non-British Columbians and in-person one-on-one nutrition counselling.

Learn more about Cristel’s practice and other inspirations by visiting her Facebook page and Instagram page!

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Desiree Nielsen, BSc RD, Registered Dietitian, Owner of Desiree Nielsen Nutrition Consulting

Desiree Nielsen, BSc RD

Desiree Nielsen, BSc RD

Working as a British Columbia Dietitian, Desiree provides a wide variety of services. She offers one-to-one nutrition counselling to lunch and learns and brand collaborations. Also, she focuses on plant-based nutrition and digestive health. Within her company, Desiree is more than just a Dietitian in British Columbia, she is also the leader. She leads nutrition communications and brand partnerships in her company as she is knowledgeable in the field.

Moreover, Desiree offers practical nutrition care that works for your lifestyle. Cooming from the cultural-inclusive background here in British Columbia, she makes sure it is inclusive of all people and all ways of eating. Moreover, Desiree focuses on positive approaches to nutrition, as she considers the diversity of cultures in British Columbia as well as food relationships. It is especially important to take care of your health and feel good.

To follow along with Desiree’s approach, check her out on Instagram.

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Lindsay Pleskot, RD, Dietitian at Lindsay Pleskot 

Lindsay Pleskot, RD

Lindsay Pleskot, RD

Working as a British Columbia Dietitian, Lindsay has multiple areas of focuses. Ranging from healthy eating to blogging and media. She is one of the examples that lives to the diversity and vibrancy of British Columbia. Also, she focuses on her clients’ relationship with food and mindful eating. Moreover, she provides help on meal planning as she knows people are always busy in British Columbia.

As a Dietitian living in British Columbia, she specifically designed some unique meal plans to help her clients save time without sacrificing flavour or variety. This is the perfect match for people who are busy with work. Moreover, Lindsay created her own unique meal prep method called The 321 Method. It allows her clients to spend just ONE hour prepping for the entire week and still be able to get a completely different meal on the table every night. It’s all the benefits of a meal plan for the foodie at heart with a busy life!

To find out more about Lindsay, check out her Instagram featuring beautiful photos or her Facebook!


Melanie Steele, RD, BSc, Registered Dietitian and Owner of Vancity Nutrition

Melanie Steele, RD

Melanie Steele, RD

To best support her clients in British Columbia, Melanie takes the time to understand their health and nutrition history, as well as their relationship with food. Well-versed in the supporting culture in British Columbia, she wishes to guide her clients through the daily challenges that can prevent individuals from achieving their health goals. For instance, she talks with her clients on sleep, stress management, and movement as part of a holistic view of health.

Moreover, she works closely with women living in midlife. Melanie factors in her client’s experience with perimenopause and menopause and looks for areas where nutrition can provide additional support. She hopes to incorporate health into her client’s busy schedules as she truly knows the hustle and bustle of living in British Columbia.

Take a deeper dive into nutrition facts with Melanie and find some delicious recipes on her Instagram. You can also learn more about her and Vancity Nutrition and book with her over on the Dietitian Directory.


Kara Marshall, RD, CDE, MSc, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant specializing in sports nutrition, Owner of  Karadietitian

Kara Marshall, RD, CDE, MSc

Kara Marshall, RD, CDE, MSc

Working as a sports nutrition Dietitian in British Columbia, Kara works with her clients to create a holistic plan that can properly improve their sports nutrition and recovery. She helps her clients understand the key nutrition areas limiting their performance and help them conquer them. And most importantly, with good nutrition, her clients are therefore able to get the most out of their training sessions,  as efficiency is key here in British Columbia.

Moreover, she is motivated to help her clients achieve their goals and she brings practical experience and recommendations to her appointments. Also, Kara offers team presentations, as well as online sports nutrition courses for athletes that are outside of Vancouver or even British Columbia. Hence, not only is she a Dietitian in British Columbia, but she is also an educator and influencer in her field!

To learn more about sports nutrition such as helping to fuel performance and balance blood sugars with plant-focused meals, check out her Instagram page. Also, find and book with Kara on the Dietitian Directory

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Joelle Davidson, RD, Owner of Intuition Dietitian Co. and clinical Dietitian specializing in intuitive eating as well as medical nutrition therapy.

Joelle Davidson, RD

Joelle Davidson, RD

As a Clinical Dietitian in British Columbia, Joelle helps clients find peace with food, and pleasure in eating. Together with her clients, she explores ways of eating, food rules, and family food practices. Also with her weight-neutral approach, her focus is on health outcomes and behaviours that are unique to the client.

Moreover, Joelle starts where the client is currently at with their eating and food relationship – not where she thinks they should be. She grants them power and self-efficacy to achieve their goals. Ultimately, her practice is to help guide the client along their own journey of Intuitive Eating.

Check out Joelle’s motivational posts about health and wellness on her Facebook page or her Instagram page. You can also find Joelle on the Dietitian Directory!


Emily Fentie, BSc, RD, Dietitian at The Nourish Collective 

Emily Fentie, BSc, RD

Working as an acute care Dietitian in British Columbia, Emily is passionate about helping individuals. She guides them in healing from eating disorders and more. She wishes to empower her clients to connect with their inner self to create a joyful life. Well-versed in a multi-cultural background in British Columbia. Emily provides nutrition therapy and education for a wide variety of clients. Her goal is to help her clients live joyful and well-nourished lives.

Moreover, Emily has been active in hospital settings in British Columbia and Alberta. Her experiences provide her with unique insight into the full spectrum of patient care. Also, she cares deeply for the community’s nutrition, she adapts the diverse cultures in British Columbia into her treatment.

Join Emily’s anti-diet and weight-inclusive community on Instagram and Facebook. For more information about working with Emily, take a look and book her on the Dietitian Directory.


If you are from British Columbia, be sure to reach out to one of these amazing RDs. And if you aren’t from BC, check out the virtual offerings they may have for you! To find more Registered Dietitians in your area, check out the Dietitian Directory and search by location!

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Craving some more nutrition-related blog posts and know more about our featured Dietitians? Check out our Instagram for more information!


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